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2 October The Hindu Analysis

  • Challenge on J&K: SC gives govt more time, defers hearing to November 14  #Governance

THE REORGANISATION of Jammu and Kashmir into two Union territories is all set to proceed as scheduled on October 31 with the Supreme Court not ordering a stay and adjourning hearing to November 14 on a clutch of petitions challenging the Constitutional validity of the Centre’s decision to revoke special status granted to the state under Article 370.

2 October Dainik Jagran

  • SC recalls verdict diluting SC/ST anti-atrocities law  #Governance

Correcting an error of judgment, the Supreme Court on Tuesday recalled its March 20, 2018 verdict, which bent the written law to protect persons accused of committing atrocities against the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes.

On March 20, a judgment by Justice (now retired) A.K. Goel diluted the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act of 1989, to grant anticipatory bail to accused persons and directed that the police should conduct a preliminary enquiry on whether complaint under the 1989 law is “frivolous or motivated” before registering a case. Both conditions were not part of the original legislation.


  • New trapdoor spider species discovered  #Environment

A new trapdoor spider species in Odisha has been discovered by researchers from IP University. The new species has been named ‘Idiops nilagiri’ after Nilagiri town in Baleswar district of Odisha where the spider’s presence was recorded. This is a medium-size spider that measures about 8-13 mm in length.

With this discovery, members of the genus Idiops go up to 95 species worldwide, of which 12 are from India. This discovery takes global spider count to 48,277 and Indian spider count to 1,910 species of which 263 species are recorded from Odisha.


  • UP Top Cop Orders Drive To Identify Illegal Bangladeshis, Foreigners From State #Governance

Uttar Pradesh police chief O P Singh has instructed all district units in the state to run a campaign to identify illegal “Bangladeshi migrants” and “other foreigners” residing in Uttar Pradesh so that they can be deported.

Speaking to ANI, Singh said, “the current drive has nothing to do with NRC. Bangladeshis and foreigners who have been living here illegally will be identified and their documents will be verified. They will be deported if their documents are found to be false.”


  • Humans pollute more than volcanoes: study #Geography

Human activity churns out up to 100 times more planet warming carbon each year as all the volcanoes on Earth. The Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO), a 500strong international team of scientists, released a series of papers outlining how carbon is stored, emitted and reabsorbed by natural and manmade processes.

They found that manmade carbon dioxide emissions drastically outstrip the contribution of volcanoes — which belch out gas and and are often fingered as a major climate change contributor — to current warming rates.


  • Giant iceberg breaks off east Antarctica  #Environment

A gigantic iceberg about the size of greater London has calved from the Amery ice shelf in east Antarctica. The tabular iceberg, officially named D-28, separated from the ice shelf on 26 September. The iceberg is 1,636 square kilometres in size, or about 50 x 30km, the Australian Antarctic Division said.

Ice shelves are platforms of floating ice that form where the Antarctic ice sheet meets the ocean.Working in a similar way to architectural buttresses, they hold back the flow of the grounded ice.



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