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29 September Current Affairs

  • SC sets up 5-judge Constitution Bench to hear pleas challenging Centre’s move on Article 370 

A five-judge Bench led by Justice N.V. Ramana is learnt to have been formed to start hearing from October 1 petitions challenging the Centre’s move render Article 370 inoperative that stripped Jammu and Kashmir people of their special privileges, which led to the bifurcation of the State to two union territories of Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh.

29 September Dainik Jagran

  • Navy can deliver much bigger blow than 1971, Rajnath Singh warns Pakistan 

Recalling the “exceptional role” played by the Navy in the 1971 war when Operation Trident and Operation Python “broke the backbone” of the Pakistan Navy, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday said the Indian Navy was now capable of delivering a “much bigger blow,” if need be. He said this after commissioning the second Scorpene submarine Khanderi into the Navy in Mumbai.

  • Meghalaya minor tribes fear exclusion from Sixth Schedule #GS2 #Governance

Meghalaya’s bid to exclude “unrepresented tribes” from the provisions of the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution has left minor tribes in the hill State edgy.

Meghalaya is divided into autonomous councils in the names of the three major matrilineal communities — Garo, Khasi and Jaintia. The minority tribes include the Hajong, Koch, Rabha, Boro and Mann. Parts or the whole of the four northeastern States — Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Tripura

— fall under the Sixth Schedule, which makes special provisions for “tribal areas”.

What is ‘quantum supremacy’?

The story so far: Tech websites and theoretical computer-science outlets were aflame earlier this week after a story in the U.K.-based Financial Times said Google had claimed to have achieved ‘quantum supremacy’. In a line, it means that researchers at Google had solved a really difficult problem in seconds with the help of quantum computers which a supercomputer could not.

Food insecurity affects children’s learning 

With the introduction of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and the mid-day meal scheme, there has been an increase in the number of children enrolling in schools. But new research says that Indian children are not able to perform well in their studies due to widespread food insecurity at home.

Bio-restoring degraded patches of Sunderbans 

Increasing anthropogenic activities along with natural stresses have led to massive degradation of one of India’s World Heritage Site — the Sunderbans. A team of researchers from West Bengal State University, Kolkata, set out with the herculean task of identifying the major reasons for the decline and also devising new restoration strategies.

They surveyed 19 shoreline mangrove patches, collected soil and water samples and studied them. The results published in Hydrobiologia highlight that lack of essential nutrients and increasing salinity were the main problems in Sunderbans

Scientific way of reviving fragments of rainforests 

A two-decade long study carried out by ecologists from Nature Conservation Foundation and University of Columbia finds that active restoration can promote recovery of tropical rainforest fragments with seven to 15 years of effort.

The recovery included improvement in forest structure and composition as well as carbon storage. Further, the study finds that such a restoration effort would be more effective in fragmented forest patches. For example, those found in the middle of plantations, rather than in areas where the forest is contiguous but degraded.

Caught in the act: a black hole rips apart an unfortunate star

Scientists have captured a view of a colossal black hole violently ripping apart a doomed star, illustrating a extraordinary and chaotic cosmic event from beginning to end for the first time using NASA’s planet-hunting telescope.

The U.S. space agency’s orbiting Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, better known as TESS, revealed the detailed timeline of a star 375 million light-years away warping and spiralling into the unrelenting gravitational pull of a supermassive black hole.


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