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5 FOODS THAT HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT; number 3 will definitely shock you

Some think it to be a fashion statement to look slim, lose weight or diet. Dieting is fine and not always a fad. Keeping healthy is more important and to keep healthy being overweight is not good. Dieting to a certain limit is ok, but we also need to exercise our body to keep fit. So lose weight till you reach the correct BMI value. Lose weight, stay fit and keep healthy.

Let’s jump right into the foods that might help you lose weight.



You have probably heard about juicing. Alot of people drink alot of juice or drink only juice because they think it will make them lose weight. But that is not true, what you should do instead is to eat whole fruits since juice is relatively higher in calories and will not keep you full for long hence you will end up drinking more. A whole fruit provides more micronutrients for the same number of calories with the abundant fibres the feeling of being full will increase and the absorption of calories will also decrease. This is why a whole fruit and a glass of water will be better for your diet.



This food is becomming more and more important now that people know its benefits. Thats because quinoa is not only filling but also loaded with nutritional value that also help you lose weight. The protein in quinoa is also harder to break down than carbs or fat so you also burn more calories during digestion.



If you think pasta will make you gain weight yhen thats because you are not eating it the right way. Pasta is also considered as a grain which should be included in your diet. Pasta is fortified with protein and fiber to keep your body from abrobing things too quickly which makes it one of the best carbohydrates that you can find. This is also one of the best things you can eat if you exercise a lot because it replenishes your body’s energy store and keeps blood sugar from dipping too low. It also gives you alot of energy.

whole egg


Adding a little bit of cholesterol in your diet won’t increase cholesterol levels in your body. Whole eggs actually contain nutrients that are good for your health including choline and sometimes omega-3. So if you like eggs don’t keep yourself from eating it next time. Your body will thank you.



This type of fish is high in nutrients with resonable calories. And once your body gets all the nutrients that it needs your body won’t ask you to eat more than you should. It also includes vitamin B12 which is an essential part of your diet. Salmon is full of lean proteins that will make you feel full longer and does not spike blood sugar.

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