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Shocking supplementary Avengers: Endgame theory says it was the Avengers who caused the Decimation

An added Avengers: Endgame theory shared almost Reddit suggests that the Decimation was caused by the Avengers transporting half the universes population to an alternate universe.
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Doctor Strange is chilling in other universe, according to a another Avengers devotee theory.

As we close the reprieve of Marvels Avengers: Endgame, fanatic theories are getting more ludicrous by the hours of hours of hours of daylight. A added one shared around Reddit suggests that gone half the universes population was turned to dirt in Avengers: Infinity War, it wasnt caused by Thanos but by the Avengers themselves.

Shared by u/Knight3rrant, the theory says Thanos couldnt even acquire regarding to killing anyone subsequent to his snap as half of the universe was already teleported to an stand-in universe. To substantiate it, the theorist talks just about the scene at the subside of Infinity War. In it, we vent Maria Hill and Nick Fury driving in their car in imitation of they learn that Thanos fleet of spaceships has entered airspace on peak of Wakanda. Within a few minutes of learning that, both Maria and Nick are seen disintegrating into ashes.

Surely, the scuffle in Wakanda was greater than a few minutes long. The alien breach the wall, the rollers are unleashed, Thor enters the battlefield and Thanos plucks the Mind Stone out of Visions head. There is no quirk every that happened within the same era frame.

Therefore, could it be that the Avengers had planned for the worst already and had arranged to send half the universes population (which they knew would be the one to bite the dust in encounter the decimation does happen) to choice universe? Is that why Maria and Nick are disintegrated much back the on fire of them? Because it is occurring one by one?

However, choice deeply easy relation could be that Maria and Nick just usual the communication totally late. By the become earliest they university approximately the breach, it was already epoch to pronouncement farewell. The Redditor is quite manageable of it though…

I am determined that we will locate out two things virtually what we saw in Infinity War revealed in Endgame:
A) That the snap fizzled (and mostly destroyed the Infinity Gauntlet in the process) because of what the Avengers will\did pretense in Endgame.


B) the dusting was the visible effect of what the Avengers will\did obtain to concern the complete of those people out of our certainty to protect them or achieve some joined slant of view toward. Undoubtedly having something to complete following the Quantum realm.

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