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Best Investment Plan Ever

AK Group is a Simple DSA of Finance & Placement Service, This is a proprietorship business started by Mr Avinash Tiwari on April 2013 From Kolkata.

This Business was started with Great thinking to became wonderful business opportunity provider for other or simple persons , who want to start their own business, they have all things like they are well educated, Clever mind, be hard worker, but only the thing of money means lots of investment to start a new business , they are helpless.

But A K Group is only one company which was start without any investment and so that it can provide a wonderful business opportunity to other.


Investment Option

AK Group has provided wonderful Investment option.

Age- 18yrs-60yrs

Minimum Amount-1500, 000


Pension starts from next month after investment this amount. Rs 25000/per month till 60 years old.

If Pension is delayed then Rs 500/day fine given to investor

Medical benefit provide to investor of Rs 20, 00,000/years

In case of death of investor his family get Rs. 3500, 000/ + Rs. 1500,000/ same benefit starting for his nominee.

At the end of his 60 years, Investor get 2500,000/ as gratuity/maturity benefit and his nominee get started same benefit of Rs 1500,000/

It will continue till 7th Generation.


 AK Group and facility

1. starting pension/income from next month till 60.years, and till 7th generation they will get benefit.

2.AK Group Provide him jobs as per his qualification, if he look it as an employee in AK Group, and feels pension to as salary.

3.From next month salary -25000 per month till next 40 years. As above mention candidate age is 20years.

With guaranty if delay payment then 500/ day fine given to candidate.


Now calculate the total facility.

25000*12 month*40 years=12000000

Medical benefit per years

2000000*40 years                 =80000000

In case of death of candidate=3500000

during the job then pay

and same all facility continue

for nominee

PF/ Gratuity on retirement=2500000


Total Benefit============98000000

2nd Generation will continue

this benefit till 60 yrs old

without any investment===98000000

3rd Generation same======98000000

4th Generation===========98000000

5th Generation===========98000000

6th Generation===========98000000

7th Generation===========98000000

Total profit=============686000000


This facility helps to decrease old age home. Dowry system of our society etc.








This step can change Indian economy.


Next generation always respect you because you will give him a wonderful income path. Without any struggle.



If Any person or candidate not have money of Rs 1500,000/ – then he will find out 15 investor through him self. Then he will eligible for all facility at free of cost.

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