1000 Important Polity Questions Part 1

1000 important polity questions

Which of the following is not a feature of Election system in India? (a) Universal Adult Franchise (b) Secret Voting (c) Reservation of seats in the legislature for the members of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (d) Communal Electorate   Elections in India for Parliament and State Legislatures are conducted by….. (a) President(b) Prime Minister … Read more 1000 Important Polity Questions Part 1

Mahatma Gandhi Facts (Important Personalities)

mahatma gandhi facts

Father of our Nation  : Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi   Born on  : 2 October 1869 3. Born at   : Porbander (Sudhamapuri) in Gujarath   Father  : Karam Chand 5. Mother   : Putilibai   Wife : Kasturba   Children’s   : a. Harilal b. Manilal c. Ramdas d. Devadas   House Name  : Keerthi Mandir   … Read more Mahatma Gandhi Facts (Important Personalities)

List Of President And Prime Minister Of India

List of president and prime minister of india

Name of the President Tenure Related Information Dr. Babu Rajendra Prasad 1950-1962 He was the First and Longest serving President Of India Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishanan 1962-1967 Radhakrishanan was the First president to be elected from south India and he was the First Vice president of India Zakir Husain 1967-1969 First President to die in Office. He … Read more List Of President And Prime Minister Of India

Biosphere Reserve Of India

Biosphere reserve

  Cold Desert Himachal Pradesh Nanda Devi Uttarakhand Great Rann of Kutch Gujarat Sunderbans West Bengal Pachmarhi Madhya Pradesh Panna Madhya Pradesh Achanakamar –  Amarkantak Madhya Pradesh and Chhattishgarh Simlipal Orissa Seshachalam Hills Andhra Pradesh Nilgiri Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka Gulf of Mannar Tamil Nadu Agasthyamalai Kerala and Tamil Nadu Dibru-Saikhowa Assam Manas Assam … Read more Biosphere Reserve Of India

Daily Use Vocabulary Words 9

Daily English Vocabulary

Corporeal (Adjective) Meaning physical and not spiritual. (कायिक, भौयिक) Synonyms: Bodily, Carnal, Fleshy, Earthly, Tangible Antonyms: Incorporeal, Impalpable, Ethereal, Unembodied Example: He is very religious, corporeal world has little interest for him.     Deliberation (Noun) Meaning: long and careful consideration or discussion. (यििेचना) Synonyms: Reflection, Contemplation, Rumination, Consideration Antonyms: Impulsiveness, Imprudence, Rashness, Thoughtlessness Example: … Read more Daily Use Vocabulary Words 9

Daily Use Vocabulary Words 8

Daily English Vocabulary

Masquerade (verb) Meaning: to pretend or appear to be. (ढोंग करना) Synonyms: Impersonate, Imitate, Disguise, Pretend Antonyms: Reveal, Unmask, Expose, Uncover Example: He might try to masquerade as a policeman.     Elide (verb) Meaning: to leave out of consideration. (छोड़ देना) Synonyms: Omit, Ignore, Disregard, Overlook, Eliminate Antonyms: Include, Remember, Consider Example: He complained … Read more Daily Use Vocabulary Words 8

Daily Use Vocabulary Words 7

Daily English Vocabulary

Exult (verb) Meaning: to express great pleasure or happiness. (बहुत प्रसन्न होना) Synonyms: Rejoice, Revel, Jubilate, Relish Antonyms: Grieve, Lament, Bemoan, Bewail Example: The people exulted at the victory.     Profligacy (Noun) Meaning: the act of spending money or using something in a way that wastes it and is not (फिजूलखर्ची) Synonyms: Extravagance, Prodigality, … Read more Daily Use Vocabulary Words 7

Cities On River Banks In the World

Cities on river banks in the world

City Country River Adelaide Australia Torrens Alexandria Egypt Nile Amsterdam Netherlands Amstel Ankara Turkey Kizil Allahabad India Confluence of Ganga, Yamuna & Saraswati Baghdad Iraq Tigris Bangkok Thailand Chao Phraya Berlin Germany Spree Belgrade Yugoslavia Danube, Sava Bristol United Kingdom Avon Brussels Belgium Zenne Budapest Hungary Danube Buenos Aires Argentina La Plata Bogota Colombia Bogota … Read more Cities On River Banks In the World

Daily Use Vocabulary Words 6

Daily English Vocabulary

Discourse (Noun) Meaning: a formal discussion of a topic in speech or writing. (सभाषणं, उपदेश) Synonyms: Treatise, Dissertation, Conversation, Preaching Antonyms: Silence, Mum, Taciturnity, Catcall, Zip Example: The discourse touches many of the issues which are currently popular.   Invoke (Verb) Meaning: Call on (a deity or spirit) in prayer, as a witness, or for … Read more Daily Use Vocabulary Words 6

Daily Use Vocabulary Words 5

Intractable (adjective) Meaning: hard to control or deal with (अप्रबंध्य,बेकाबू) Synonyms: Ungovernable, Knotty, Troublesome, Problematic Antonyms: Manageable, Controllable, Wieldy, Convenient Example: The economy still faces intractable problems.     Commendable (Adjective) Meaning: deserving praise. (सराहनीय) Synonyms: Laudable, Estimable, Exemplary, Noteworthy, Sterling Antonyms: Reprehensible, Deplorable, Despicable, Ignoble, Repugnant Example: Mr Sparrow has acted with commendable speed. … Read more Daily Use Vocabulary Words 5