Daily English Vocabulary of 26 August

Daily English Vocabulary

Unencumbered (adjective) Meaning: without something making it difficult for you to do something. (भार रहित) Synonyms: Unobstructed, Unimpeded, Unhindered, Unhampered Antonyms: Burdened, Laden, Inconvenienced, Weighed Down Example: I envied my youth, carefree, unencumbered, trouble – free brain.     Moratorium (Noun) Meaning: a stopping of an activity for an agreed amount of time. (रोक, प्रहतबंध) … Read more Daily English Vocabulary of 26 August

24 August Current Affairs – Daily News

Daily Current Affairs

Centre responds to downturn with steps to boost growth    The government came out on the front foot to try to boost private sector sentiments, with Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announcing a slew of measures to reduce the burden on the sector, including withdrawing the controversial surcharge on Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) and reiterating the … Read more 24 August Current Affairs – Daily News

Daily English Vocabulary of 25 August

Daily English Vocabulary

Vigorous (adjective) Meaning: strong, healthy, and full of energy. (प्रफुनललत, जोशीला)   Synonyms: Spirited, Bouncing, Dynamic, Vibrant, Animated   Antonyms: Feeble, Dull, Lethargic, Sluggish   Example: Vigorous youth is subjected to rigorous discipline.     Vivid (adjective) Meaning: producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind. (ज्वलतं, सस्पष्टु)   Synonyms: Evocative, Lucid, Lively, … Read more Daily English Vocabulary of 25 August

CEO Of Companies

ceo of companies

Company Headquarters CEO Apple Inc Cupertino,California, U.S Tim Cook Accenture Dublin, Ireland David Rowland Adidas Herzogenaurach, Germany Kasper Rorsted Aditya Birla Group Mumbai, India Kumar Mangalam Birla Adobe Systems San Jose, Shantanu Narayen California, U.S Amazon.com Seattle, Jeff Bezos Washington, U.S Ambuja Cements Mumbai, India Ajay Kapur Advanced Micro Devices Sunnyvale, Lisa T. Su California, … Read more CEO Of Companies

Daily English Vocabulary of 24 August

Daily English Vocabulary

Usher (verb) Meaning: show or guide (someone) somewhere. (मार्गदिखलाना) Synonyms: Escort, Shepherd, Pilot, Steer Antonyms: Trail, Trace, Stalk, Pursue Example: I was ushered into the headmaster’s office by my teacher. Thwart (verb) Meaning:prevent (someone) from accomplishing something; oppose (a plan, attempt, or ambition) successfully. (बाधा डालना, नकामबनाना) Synonyms: Hinder, Foil, Impede, Balk Antonyms: Assist, Facilitate, … Read more Daily English Vocabulary of 24 August

23 August Current Affairs – Daily News

Daily Current Affairs

CIVIL SNIPPETS   No need for third party mediation in Kashmir: Emmanuel Macron- Suhasini Haidar    Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron discussed the government’s move to suspend Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and split the State into two Union Territories.   Briefing the media in Chantilly after one-on-one talks that … Read more 23 August Current Affairs – Daily News

Daily English Vocabulary

Daily English Vocabulary

Daily Vocab Capsule 23rd August 2019   Reciprocal (adjective): Meaning: operating for both, esp. equally or to a similar degree equally. (पारस्पररक)   Synonyms: Mutual, Complementary, Correlative, Corresponding Antonyms: Individual, Independent, Singular Example: Our relationship is based on reciprocal respect.     Contentious (Adjective): Meaning: causing, involving, or likely to cause disagreement and argument. (वििादास्पद) … Read more Daily English Vocabulary

History Important Questions For RRB Exams

Important History questions
S.No. Question Answer
1 What was the script used in the earliest Tamil inscriptions? Brahmi
4 At which place did Mahatma Gandhi start his first Satyagraha in India? Champaran
6 Who was the British PM at the time of Revolt of 1857? Lord Palmerston
7 Who is considered to be the father of Ayurveda? Charaka
8 Which Veda throws light on the beliefs and practices of the non-Aryans? Atharvaveda
9 Who was called Zinda Pir (living saint) in Mughal India? Aurangzeb
10 What was Sher Shah’s real name? Farid
11 Who earned the title of a Liberator? Ashoka
12 Who, was the Nanda ruler at the time of Alexanders invasion? Dhana Nanda
13 Which Chola ruler converted the Bay of Bengal into a Chela lake? Rajendra I
14 During which reign was Kalidasa lived? Chandragupta II
15 The Gayatri Mantra contained in the Rigveda is dedicated to which deity? Savitri
17 Which ruler was known as Amitraghata, the destroyer of foes? Bindusara
18 Under which sultan, Chalisa land increased considerably? Alauddin Khilji
19 Which Mughal emperors tomb is outside India? Jahangir
20 Who was the first foreigner to invade India? Darius I
21 Who was the first governor of Portuguese in India? De Almeida
22 During which movement was Mahatmaadded before Gandhijis name? Champaran
23 Who is the Father of local self government in India? Lord Ripon
24 Who introduced Mansabdari system? Akbar
25 By whom was the Indian Independence League set up? Rasbihari Bose
26 On which river did Pulakesin II defeat Harshavardhana? Narmada
27 By whom was the city of Agra founded in 1504? Sikandar Lodhi
29 Who deciphered Adhikansh Inscriptions for the first time? James Prinsep
30 By whom was the practice of Sati was declared illegal? Lord William Bentick
31 Which was the God of animal during the later Vedic period ? Rudra
32 From where sufi movement was started? Persia
33 By whom was the famous Kirti Stambhaat Chittor built? Rana Kumbha
34 Analects is sacred text of which religion? Confucius Religion
35 Which Rajput dynasties did not surrender to Akbar? Sisodiya
36 Which ruler at first assumed the title of Hazrat-i-Alaand afterwards


Sher Shah Suri
37 Who is related to Sarvodaya and Bhoodan movement? Acharya Vinoda


38 Which Sikh Guru called himself the Sachcha Badshah? Guru Hargobind
39 Which was capital of Raja Ranjit Singh of Punjab? Lahore
40 High Courts in Calcutta, Mumbai and Madras were established in which year? 1861
41 With whom did Alberuni come to India? Mahmud of Ghazni
42 Who destroyed the group of Forty Nobles? Balban
43 Who was the daughter of Emperor Aurangzeb? Zebunnisa
44 Who was the first speaker of independent India? G.V. Mavlankar
45 Where was first Madarasa set up by the British in India? Calcutta
46 In India, where did the Dutch establish their earliest factory? Masulipatnam
47 Who was the writer of the Indian War of Independence? V.D. Savarkar
49 In which battle did Nadir shah defeated Muhammad Shah? Karnal


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