Chief Minister And Governer Of The States

Party CM And Governor

      State Party to Which CM Belongs Governor Chief Minister Andhra Pradesh YSR Congress Party Biswabhushan Harichandan Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy Arunachal Pradesh Bharatiya Janata Party Brigedier B.D Mishra (Retd) Pema Khandu Assam Bharatiya Janata Party Jagdish Mukhi Sarbananda Sonowal Bihar Janata Dal (United) Fagu Chauhan Nitish Kumar Chhattisgarh Indian National Congress

Panchayati Raj And Rural Development

Panchayati Raj and rural development

    Balwant Rai Mehta committee – Appointed and reported in 1957 – Gave scheme of ‘Democratic decentralization’-Panchayati Raj – 3 tier Suggested– Gram Panchayat at village, Panchayat Samiti at block, Zilla Parishad at Dist. – Gram Panchayat to be directly elected, the other 2 indirect – Panchayat Samiti: Executive Body and Zila Parishad :

Important Amendments To Indian Constitution

List of all amendments

Part XX of the Constitution of India has only one article that is Article 368 that deals with the amendment of the Constitution. As per this article, Parliament may add, amend or repeal any provision of the constitution as per the procedure laid down for this purpose. However, in the Kesavanand Bharati Case 1973, the

Bills Of Parliament

Bills of parliament

    Government member bill   Bill introduced by a minister of government, can be –   Ordinary bill   Money bill   Financial bill   Constitutional amendment bill     As it is moved by the the government itself, President does not interfere in introduction of the bill as he is obligatory to advice

Features And Effect Of Emergency Provision

Features and effects of emergency

    They are included in part XVIII from articles 352 to 360 Borrowed from GOI Act 1935 & Wiemer constitution of Germany.   Art. 352 – National Emergency   When can it be imposed?   3 conditions – War, External Aggression, Armed Rebellion Note1: Armed Rebellion was changed from Internal Disturbance on the recommendation

Council Of Ministers PDF

Council of ministers

    UNION COUNCIL OF MINISTERS   Constitutional Provisions   Article 74-Council of Ministers to aid and advice President.   There shall be a Council of Ministers with the Prime Minister at the head to aid and advise the President   The advice tendered by Ministers to the President shall not be inquired into in

1000 Important Polity Questions Part 1

1000 important polity questions

Which of the following is not a feature of Election system in India? (a) Universal Adult Franchise (b) Secret Voting (c) Reservation of seats in the legislature for the members of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (d) Communal Electorate   Elections in India for Parliament and State Legislatures are conducted by….. (a) President(b) Prime Minister

Constitution Of India -Statical GK

Constitution of India

Constitution of India is the World’s Longest written constitution of any sovereign Country in the world Constitution of India contains 448 Articles in 25 Parts, 12 Schedules and 101 Amendments till date. The Temporary Chairman of the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly held on 9 December 1946 is Sachchidananda Sinha The Oldest constitution in