Basic Rules Of Simplification With Examples

Rules of simplification

Simplification and Approximation forms an important part of all Banking exams as 3-5 questions are expected from this chapter alone. In Simplification, we have to simplify & calculate the given expressions whereas, in Approximation, we take the approximate values & give the answers accordingly. Basic Rules of Simplification BODMAS Rule It defines the correct sequence

Number System

Number system

1. The sum of all prime numbers between 58 and 68 is (a) 179 (b) 178(c) 187 (d) 183 S.S.C. Online CHSL (T-I) 16 Jan., 2017 (II-Shift) S.S.C. Online CHSL (T-I) 7, 20, 22 Jan., 2017 (I-Shift) Ans.(c) Solution: Prime number between 58 and 68 are 59, 61, 67. Sum of prime number 59 +61