Cpa lead trick

CPALead Hack Trick


Lets say you don’t have a bank account or credit card. Most members on this forum is most likely using
Liberty Reserve, WU, AP, and Paypal. You can make over thousands online, but i am pretty sure you
would love the cash in your hands instead. Well before we get started , you will need a CPALead
account. If you don’t have a account then sign up ——->

Now you may be struggling with signing up, getting approved and making money. Here are some
tutorials to help you out!



Here is the method of getting your own card, I made you sign up on CPAlead for a reason. Go apply for
a payoneer card on CPAlead.Fill out the boxes, with your address etc. It will ask for your SSN. Which you can generate with this website Its better to use your real one

because it will get accepted more faster.
In a couple of days, you will get an email saying you’ve got your own card and it has been shipped.
You will get it in 7-25 days depending on where you live.
Once you recieve your card, go onto and activate it. You are now set to go! Just make
money on CPAlead, load it and cash it out at the ATM machine!

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