Daily English Vocabulary

Daily English Vocabulary of 24 August

Usher (verb)

Meaning: show or guide (someone) somewhere. (मार्गदिखलाना)
Synonyms: Escort, Shepherd, Pilot, Steer
Antonyms: Trail, Trace, Stalk, Pursue
Example: I was ushered into the headmaster’s office by my teacher.

Thwart (verb)

Meaning:prevent (someone) from accomplishing something; oppose (a plan, attempt, or ambition) successfully. (बाधा डालना, नकामबनाना)

Synonyms: Hinder, Foil, Impede, Balk
Antonyms: Assist, Facilitate, Expedite, Aid
Example: We must thwart his malevolent schemes.

Cement (verb)

Meaning: to make something such as an agreement or friendship stronger. (मज़बूतकरना)
Synonyms: Bolster, Buttress, Reinforce, Fortify Antonyms: Weaken, Undermine, Undercut, Sap Example: Our holiday together cemented our friendship.


Meaning:(of two things)able to exist or occur together without problems or conflict  (अनुकूल)

Synonyms: Harmonious, Congruent, Consistent, Corresponding
Antonyms: Discordant, Mismatched, Irreconcilable, Incompatible
Example: Accuracy is not always compatible with haste.

Merrily (adverb)

Meaning: showing happiness or enjoyment. (खुशीसे)
Synonyms: Blithely, Gayly, Gaily, Gleefully
Antonyms: Despondently, Dejectedly, Downheartedly, Glumly
Example: Chris threw back his head and laughed merrily.

Hitherto (adverb)

Meaning: until now or until the point in time under discussion. (अबतक)
Synonyms: Heretofore, Formerly, Beforehand, Previously Antonyms: Thereafter, Thenceforward, Thenceforth, Henceforth Example: Her life hitherto had been devoid of adventure.

Perplexing (adjective)

Meaning:confusing, often because you do not know how to solve something. (हैरान करनेवाला)
Synonyms: Baffling, Flummoxing, Mystifying, Befuddling
Antonyms: Straightforward, Simple, Trouble-Free, Uncomplicated
Example: This might seem very perplexing to those who know nothing about it.

Eradicate (verb)

Meaning: to get rid of something completely or destroy something bad. (उन्मूलनकरना)
Synonyms: Exterminate, Wipe Out, Stamp Out, Obliterate
Antonyms: Introduce, Create, Fashion, Establish
Example: We are determined to eradicate poverty from our country.

Simultaneous (adjective)

Meaning: happening or being done at exactly the same time.(समकादलक)

Synonyms: Concurrent, Synchronised, Coinciding, Concomitant
Antonyms: Asynchronous, Alternate, Following/Preceding
Example: There were several simultaneous explosions in different cities.


Meaning:used to describe something that is old-fashioned and not now effective(पुराना;
Synonyms: Decrepit, Run-Down, Crumbling, Collapsing
Antonyms: Sound, Solid, Sturdy
Example: The creaky legal system needs an overhaul immediately.

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