Daily English Vocabulary

Daily English Vocabulary of 25 August

Vigorous (adjective)

Meaning: strong, healthy, and full of energy. (प्रफुनललत, जोशीला)


Synonyms: Spirited, Bouncing, Dynamic, Vibrant, Animated


Antonyms: Feeble, Dull, Lethargic, Sluggish


Example: Vigorous youth is subjected to rigorous discipline.



Vivid (adjective)

Meaning: producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind. (ज्वलतं, सस्पष्टु)


Synonyms: Evocative, Lucid, Lively, Scintillating


Antonyms: Vague, Obscure, Dreary, Murky


Example: He gave a vivid account of his life as a fighter pilot.




Mingle (Verb)

Meaning: move among and engage with others at a social function. (निलिा)


Synonyms: Circulate, Socialise, Blend, Intersperse, Hobnob


Antonyms: Separate, Disengage, Split Up


Example: She is very shy and does not mingle with the children at school.




Harmony (Noun)

Meaning: the state of being in agreement or concord. (सािजस्यं)


Synonyms: Amity, Consensus, Rapport, Concurrence


Antonyms: Discord, Dissention, Variance, Conflict


Example: They’ve lived together in reasonable harmony for many years.



Transcend (verb)

Meaning: to go beyond a limit or surpass (a person or achievement). (श्रेष्ठहोिा; ज़्यादा होिा)


Synonyms: Excel, Outdo, Surpass, Outstep


Antonyms: Trail, Lag, Be Inferior, Dawdle


Example: At times his technique seems to transcend the limitations of the piano.




Inspect (verb)

Meaning: examine (someone or something) to ensure that they reach an official standard. (निरीक्षण करिा)


Synonyms: Probe, Appraise, Scrutinise, Vet


Antonyms: Ignore, Disregard, Overlook, Discount


Example: The captain wants to inspect your kit.




Vicissitude (Noun)

Meaning: a change of circumstances or fortune, typically one that is unwelcome or (उतार- चढ़ाव, उलटफे)र


Synonyms: Downturn, Instability, Fickleness, Vacillation


Antonyms: Stability, Uniformity, Similarity, Constancy


Example: A man used to vicissitudes is not easily dejected.




Splendour (Noun)

Meaning: magnificent and splendid appearance. (भव्यता)


Synonyms: Grandeur, Opulence, Panoply, Majesty


Antonyms: Drabness, Dowdiness, Dullness, Plainness


Example: The house has been restored to its original splendour.




Exquisitely (adverb)

Meaning: in an extremely beautiful and delicate manner. (िजाकत से)


Synonyms: Superbly, Delicately, Divinely, Wonderfully, Skillfully


Antonyms: Clumsily, Awkwardly, Ineptly, Maladroitly


Example: Travis ordered champagne with their exquisitely cooked fish.




Convergence (Noun)

Meaning: the fact that two or more things, ideas, etc. become similar or come together. (नवलीिीकरण)


Synonyms: Junction, Union, Conjunction, Merging


Antonyms: Divergence, Departure, Separation, Parting


Example: The convergence of pop-cultural trends and technological progress gave us camera phones and the “selfie”.

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