Daily English Vocabulary

Daily Use Vocabulary Words 10

Chaotic (adjective)

Meaning: in a state of complete confusion and disorder. (अराजकता; अव्यवस्था)
Synonyms: Messy, Anarchic, Muddled, Frenzied
Antonyms: Orderly, Systematic, Harmonized, Uncluttered
Example: The traffic in the city was chaotic.

Rocket (verb)

Meaning: to rise extremely quickly or make extremely quick progress towards success. (तेजी
से बढ़ना)
Synonyms: Shoot Up, Soar, Escalate, Skyrocket
Antonyms: Plummet, Plunge, Nosedive, Tumble
Example: House prices in the north are rocketing up.

Dauting (adjective)

Meaning: seeming difficult to deal with in prospect; intimidating. (कठिन, डरावना)
Synonyms: Unnerving, Discouraging, Overwhelming, Demoralizing
Antonyms: Heartening, Encouraging, Reassuring, Cheering
Example: The trip seemed rather daunting for a young girl.

Compliant (adjective)

Meaning: willing to do what other people want you to do. (आज्ञाकारी)
Synonyms: Acquiescent, Amenable, Tractable, Docile
Antonyms: Recalcitrant, Unmanageable, Defiant, Wayward
Example: When someone is compliant, they go along with what others want them to do.

Hardliner (Noun)

Meaning: someone, especially in politics, who is very severe, for example in refusing to
allow something or to reduce or change their demands in any way. (कट्टरपंथी; हिी)
Synonyms: Stickler, Despot, Tyrant, Zealot, Radical
Antonyms: Moderate, Democrat
Example: He needs to persuade the hard-liners in the cabinet.

Stranglehold (Noun)

Meaning: complete or overwhelming control. (बोलबाला; प्रभाव)
Synonyms: Domination, Sway, Authority, Influence, Monopoly
Antonyms: Subjection, Impotency, Subservience, Helplessness
Example: The company now had a stranglehold on the market

Calamitous (adjective)

Meaning: causing great damage or suffering. (नुक़सानदेह; अनथथकारी)
Synonyms: Disastrous, Shattering, Devastating, Ruinous
Antonyms: Advantageous, Beneficial, Constructive, Fortunate
Example: We are exposed to the most calamitous accidents.

Scuttle (verb)

Meaning: to stop something happening, or to cause a plan to fail (ठबगाड़ना, नाकाम बनाना)
Synonyms: Thwart, Stymie, Scupper, Foil
Antonyms: Facilitate, Assist, Promote, Abet
Example: India’s early attempts to acquire cryogenic technology in 1991 were scuttled by US sanctions

Detente (Noun)

Meaning: an improvement in the relationship between two countries that in the past were
not friendly and did not trust each other. (अमन)
Synonyms: Easement, Reconcilement, Rapprochement, Truce
Antonyms: Hostility, Enmity, Inimicalness, Antagonism
Example: The talks are aimed at furthering detente between the two countries.

Warmonger (Noun)

Meaning: a person who encourages or advocates aggression towards other countries
or groups. (जंगबाज़)
Synonyms: Belligerent, Hawk, Aggressor, Jingo, Militarist
Antonyms: Peacemaker, Pacifist, Conchie, Peacenik
Example: The Socialists were trying to smear Churchill as a warmonger

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