Daily Use Vocabulary Words 5

Intractable (adjective)

Meaning: hard to control or deal with (अप्रबंध्य,बेकाबू)

Synonyms: Ungovernable, Knotty, Troublesome, Problematic

Antonyms: Manageable, Controllable, Wieldy, Convenient

Example: The economy still faces intractable problems.



Commendable (Adjective)

Meaning: deserving praise. (सराहनीय)

Synonyms: Laudable, Estimable, Exemplary, Noteworthy, Sterling

Antonyms: Reprehensible, Deplorable, Despicable, Ignoble, Repugnant

Example: Mr Sparrow has acted with commendable speed.



Fragility (Noun)

Meaning: the quality of being easily harmed or destroyed. (भंगशीलता)

Synonyms: Vulnerability, Frailty, Feebleness, Delicateness

Antonyms: Strength, Robustness, Hardiness, Heftiness

Example: Don’t be fooled by her seeming fragility.



Rigorous (Adjective)

Meaning: extremely thorough and careful. (अतत सावधान)

Synonyms: Meticulous, Punctilious, Painstaking, Diligent

Antonyms: Slapdash, Shoddy, Sloppy, Hasty

Example: The planes have to undergo rigorous safety checks.



Stifle (verb)

Meaning: to prevent something from happening, being expressed, or continuing. (रोकना)

Synonyms: Supress, Restrain, Kerb, Inhibit

Antonyms: Encourage, Let Out, Facilitate, Assist

Example: Too strict a regulatory system will stifle innovation.



Galvanise (verb)

Meaning: excite (someone) into taking action. (प्रेररतकरना)

Synonyms: Spur, Stimulate, Prod, Arouse

Antonyms: Demotivate, Dishearten, Dissuade

Example: He scurried back to the kitchen to galvanise the staff into action.


Pitfall (Noun)

Meaning: a hidden or unsuspected danger or difficulty. (ख़तरा, कातिनाई)

Synonyms: Drawback, Snare, Snag, Downside, Hazard

Antonyms: Advantage, Benefit, Security, Safeguard

Example: We need to be alert to potential pitfalls.


Supplant (verb)

Meaning: supersede and replace. (उखाड़ना, हटाकर अपना अतधकार करना)

Synonyms: Override, Supersede, Usurp, Topple, Oust

Antonyms: Install, Appoint, Invest, Instate

Example: He was hanged for plotting to supplant the king.


Resilient (adjective)

Meaning: able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions. (सतहष्णु)

Synonyms: Hardy, Buoyant, Irrepressible, Resistant

Antonyms: Week, Frail, Sensitive, Vulnerable

Example: She’s a resilient girl – she won’t be unhappy for long.


Articulate (verb)

Meaning: express (an idea or feeling) fluently and coherently. (साफ़ साफ़ बोलना/ व्यक्त करना)

Synonyms: Enunciate, Vocalize, Express, Voice, Ventilate

Antonyms: Mumble, Murmur

Example: She cannot articulate her feelings very well.

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