Daily English Vocabulary

Daily Use Vocabulary Words 7

Exult (verb)

Meaning: to express great pleasure or happiness. (बहुत प्रसन्न होना)

Synonyms: Rejoice, Revel, Jubilate, Relish

Antonyms: Grieve, Lament, Bemoan, Bewail

Example: The people exulted at the victory.



Profligacy (Noun)

Meaning: the act of spending money or using something in a way that wastes it and is not (फिजूलखर्ची)

Synonyms: Extravagance, Prodigality, Lavishness, Overspending

Antonyms: Frugality, Parsimony, Prudence, Thriftiness

Example: The government returned to fiscal profligacy.


Pertain (verb)

Meaning: be appropriate, related, or applicable to. (संबद्धहोना; सम्बन्ध रखना)

Synonyms: Concern, Relate, Appertain, Belong, Touch

Antonyms: Part, Separate, Divide, Disjoin

Example: This matter does not pertain to politics.



Hound (verb)

Meaning: harass or pursue relentlessly. (कष्ट देना,सताना)

Synonyms: Persecute, Harry, Pester, Badger, Dog, Vex

Antonyms: Help, Soothe, Aid, Support

Example: They were hounded day and night by the press.



High-handedness (Noun)

Meaning: using power or authority more forcefully than is needed, without thinking about the feelings or wishes of other people. (ज्यादती; फनरंकु )शता

Synonyms: Bossiness, Imperiousness, Arrogance, Overbearingness

Antonyms: Modesty, Humility, Carefulness, Humbleness

Example: They have been accused of secrecy and highhandedness in their dealings.



Fiat (Noun)

Meaning: a formal permission given by a person in authority. (आज्ञप्ति)

Synonyms: Sanction, Authorisation, Approval, Agreement

Antonyms: Disapproval, Veto, Denial, Opposition

Example: Prices have been fixed by government fiat.



Tantamount (adjective)

Meaning: equivalent in seriousness to; virtually the same as. (समान)

Synonyms: Commensurate, Indistinguishable, Equipollent, Coequal

Antonyms: Different, Dissimilar, Unlike

Example: The King’s request was tantamount to a command.



Insistence (Noun)

Meaning: The act of insisting on something. (फिद)

Synonyms: Persistence, Perseverance, Doggedness, Determination

Antonyms: Apathy, Indifference, Idleness, Lethargy

Example: Her parents were united in their insistence that she go to college.



Fancy (Noun)

Meaning: the faculty of imagination. (कल्पना)

Synonyms: Fantasy, Daydream, Reverie, Vagary

Antonyms: Reality, Existence, Materiality, Corporeality

Example: I think he would come but it’s only a fancy of mine.




Potency (Noun)

Meaning: strength, influence, or effectiveness. (शप्ति; प्रभावशीलता)

Synonyms: Vigour, Dominance, Potential, Might

Antonyms: Impotence, Incompetence, Inefficiency, Incapability

Example: Mass unemployment had lost its old political potency.

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