Daily English Vocabulary

Daily Use Vocabulary Words 8

Masquerade (verb)

Meaning: to pretend or appear to be. (ढोंग करना)

Synonyms: Impersonate, Imitate, Disguise, Pretend

Antonyms: Reveal, Unmask, Expose, Uncover

Example: He might try to masquerade as a policeman.



Elide (verb)

Meaning: to leave out of consideration. (छोड़ देना)

Synonyms: Omit, Ignore, Disregard, Overlook, Eliminate

Antonyms: Include, Remember, Consider

Example: He complained about BBC announcers eliding their words.



Smear (verb)

Meaning: damage the reputation of (someone) by false accusations; (बदनाम करना)

Synonyms: Slur, Sully, Tarnish, Besmirch, Vilify

Antonyms: Laud, Praise, Acclaim, Glorify

Example: In politics you expect to get smeared by your opponents.


Topple (verb)

Meaning: remove (a government or person in authority) from power; (हटा देना)

Synonyms: Oust, Depose, Overturn, Dislodge, Dethrone

Antonyms: Vest, Enthrone, Install, Appoint, Retain

Example: This scandal could topple the government.


Solicitude (Noun)

Meaning: care or concern for someone or something. (देख-भाल,


Synonyms: Consideration, Concern, Attentiveness, Thoughtfulness

Antonyms: Negligence, Slackness, Casualness, Forgetfulness

Example: I was touched by his solicitude for the boy.


Delinquent (Noun)

Meaning: failing in one’s duty. (बेपरवाह)

Synonyms: negligent, remiss, derelict, lax

Antonyms: dutiful, devoted, punctual, conformist

Example: Most delinquent children have deprived backgrounds.



Abduct (adjective)

Meaning: take (someone) away illegally by force or deception. (अपहरण करना)

Synonyms: Kidnap, Seize, Capture, Snatch

Antonyms: Release, Liberate, Let go

Example: His car was held up and he was abducted by four gunmen.



Accolade (Noun)

Meaning: an expression of praise or admiration. (सम्मान)

Synonyms: Tribute, Commendation, Acclamation, Approbation

Antonyms: Criticism, Denunciation, Opprobrium, Condemnation

Example: Her approval was the highest accolade he could have received.



Licit (adjective)

Meaning: not forbidden; lawful. (वैध;जायज)

Synonyms: Legitimate, Legal, Allowable, Statutory

Antonyms: Prohibited, Illegitimate, Proscribed, Illicit

Example: She made some money by licit means.



Indigenous (adjective)

Meaning: originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; (स्वदेशी,स्थानीय)

Synonyms: Aboriginal, Primeval, Primordial, Home-Grown

Antonyms: Expatriate, Migrant, Adventitious, Alien

Example: Kangaroos are indigenous to Australia.

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