Daily English Vocabulary

Daily Use Vocabulary Words 9

Corporeal (Adjective)

Meaning physical and not spiritual. (कायिक, भौयिक)

Synonyms: Bodily, Carnal, Fleshy, Earthly, Tangible

Antonyms: Incorporeal, Impalpable, Ethereal, Unembodied

Example: He is very religious, corporeal world has little interest for him.



Deliberation (Noun)

Meaning: long and careful consideration or discussion. (यििेचना)

Synonyms: Reflection, Contemplation, Rumination, Consideration

Antonyms: Impulsiveness, Imprudence, Rashness, Thoughtlessness

Example: After much deliberation, a decision was reached.



Curtail (verb)

Meaning: reduce in extent or quantity; impose a restriction on. (कम करना)

Synonyms: Retrench, Diminish, Trim, Dock, Lop, Truncate

Antonyms: Extend, Increase, Protract, Enlarge

Example: The president has remained mute about plans to curtail the number of immigrants.



Neutrality (Noun)

Meaning: the state of not supporting or helping either side in a conflict, disagreement, (यनष्पक्षिा)

Synonyms: Impartiality, Objectivity, Disinterest, Nonalignment, Detachment

Antonyms: Bias, Prejudice, Predisposition, Favouritism

Example: The UN at the moment is still trying to maintain the charade of neutrality. (charade= pretence.)



Standoff (Noun)

Meaning: a deadlock between two equally matched opponents in a dispute or conflict. (गयिरोध)

Synonyms: Stalemate, Impasse, Logjam, Standstill

Antonyms: Agreement, Breakthrough, Solution, Progress

Example: The political standoff led to a six-month delay in passing this year’s budget.



Pre-empt (verb)

Meaning: take action in order to prevent (an anticipated event) happening. (रोकना)

Synonyms: Forestall, Obstruct, Avert, Prevent, Stave Off

Antonyms: Allow, Promote, Assist, Encourage

Example: A good training course will pre-empt many problems.


Persevere (verb)

Meaning: to try to do or continue doing something in a determined way, despite having (दृढ़ रहना)

Synonyms: Persist, Hammer Away, Hold On, Endure, Stick With

Antonyms: Give Up, Cease, Quit, Discontinue

Example: You’ll need to persevere if you want the business to succeed.



Impropriety (Noun)

Meaning: behaviour that is dishonest, socially unacceptable, or unsuitable for a particular situation. (अनौयचत्य; अनुयचिबोली)

Synonyms: Indecency, Unseemliness, Uncouthness, Indecorum

Antonyms: Properness, Rectitude, Courtesy, Civility

Example: I was surprised by the impropriety of his remarks.



Sway (Noun)

Meaning: rule; control. (शासन, प्रभाव)

Synonyms: Sovereignty, Authority, Domination, Supremacy, Influence

Antonyms: Powerlessness, Impotence, Weakness

Example: Rebel forces hold sway over much of the island.



Subversive (adjective)

Meaning: trying to destroy or damage something, especially an established political (यिनाशक)

Synonyms: Disruptive, Seditious, Mutinous, Dissident

Antonyms: Law-Abiding, Obedient, Upstanding, Loyal

Example: He was engaged in subversive activities.

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