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Earn Money Online: How I Earn Rs 5000 Weekly Online

The answer to How I Earn Rs 5000 weekly is here. Read this guide completely.


The title itself will make you sit curiously to know what is there in this article that helps you or suggests you earn Rs 5000 weekly by working online.

I can many people are always searching the internet for genuine home based online part time jobs to make an additional income of more than 20000 Rs every month from their home.

Because in real 9 – 5 Day Jobs doesn’t pay that much salary to meet your monthly financial needs as because your working potential is limited in there and you will not be compensated for what you worked?



Requirements to start earning online:

Here you spend some time to read this research report in this article that will give you an idea to earn Rs 5000 weekly online. To earn such income you must need some requirements and those are:

✓ A personal computer or laptop
✓ High-Speed Internet connection
✓ Email Account (It’s advisable to use Gmail)
✓ Bank Account
✓ PayPal or Payza account to get your payments.

If you are having all these requirements then you are set ready to earn money online.

My friend, I want you to sit for some time patiently to read what is written in this article so that you never miss this golden opportunity of earning money online from home without investment.

This article covers some possible ways of online money making without investing any cash from your hand.

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1.) Start from Online Surveys at home:

By working at Online surveys at home you can easily make Rs.50 – Rs.250 per survey by working for about 30Minutes.

You will be asked a sequence of questions in the survey and you will be paid if you successfully completed it.

What are the surveys? Surveys are a set of questions asked to get a feedback from a group of people about a product or service.

How do they work? Many multinational companies are constantly involved in renovating their products or service to survive in this market and hence they need the real opinion from the people.

So they use to conduct online surveys on a frequent interval.

How do we earn? No people are ready to spend their time to review or tell their opinion. So these companies came forward to spend millions of dollars on this research work.

How do we take part? We have to register a free account with online survey panels and then need to complete our profile surveys.

When these survey panels receive a survey they will send us an email invitation to participate in the survey program. Attend the survey, answer your opinions, and get paid.


Note: Not all people who joined in the survey panel will get a survey invitation.

Survey panels have a state of art software that runs a sequence of the program to filter irrelevant people (people who never filled profile survey, people from the different field, people from lower age group etc).

Learn how survey panel works? And how do we can get paid?

I recommend this method firmly to earn money online from home because it requires some basic knowledge about the trend in the market.

2.) Set up a Gig in Fiverr:

What is Fiverr? Fiverr is the world’s best marketplace where anyone can hire a people for doing a service or tasks starting at $5.

You can recruit a person for a wage of $5 only for any tasks. Read Wikipedia Guide about Fiverr.

How can you earn? There are many ways to earn here. One is by selling something starts from $5 or by offering your service (or) a work starting from $5.

If you are looking for earning some extra income of Rs.300/- daily then my best advice is to work on Fiverr.

Take at least one project daily for a month will earn you Rs. 300 x 30Days = Rs.9000Fiverr Gigs

How can you participate? Open Fiverr and register a free account. Then access your account and create a Gig.

Go to “Start Selling” and complete your profile. Submit it for Fiverr approval and once done your Gig will be displayed

Simple, register a free account >> Post your Gigs >> Get Paid


Other similar sites like Fiverr:

Every business needs its online presence and every blogger or web owner cannot do all the tasks by themselves. Either they appoint a staff to carry the task (or) sometimes may outsource something or everything that depends on their work.

This article might give some idea of working with Fiverr. There are other lots of similar sites likes Fiverr and those are UpWorkfreelancer,
99designs etc, but there the process involve in Hiring and outsourcing is a bit riskier and hence it is best to work in Fiverr to earn money online weekly from home.



3.) Write articles for online blogs:

If you are well at writing based on a certain topic then there are greater chances to make money from your skill.

80 out of 100 bloggers are searching for content writers to write contents for their blogs and there is always 80 chances out there when a new 100 blog launched.

Before writing articles you must pose a certain qualification to write for a blog or website.Article writers

Learn On-Page SEO for writing articles before writing. You can get anywhere from Rs.100 to Rs.500 per SEO friendly quality article.

Write deep lengthy articles of more than 1500Words so that you can get more pay. Do not worry about who will buy your articles?

There are many websites out there whose prime business is selling articles for bloggers. Article writers like you should open a free account there and complete your profiles.

Register your account with article base, Article biz, Ezine articles etc.

Submit your article in the right category. They will display your article for sale and on the successful sale, you will be paid. You can easily earn Rs. 5000 weekly without putting much effort.

Make a habit of writing at least 1 article per day. If you paid Rs.250 per article per day you can get Rs.7500 per month.

Spend at least 1 – 2 hrs to write articles will make you earn decent income every month.


4.) Join Paid to click sites:

What are Paid to click sites? Paid to click sites, simply called as PTC, a business model that offers instant real human traffic to a website or blog or business and in turn they will pay a small penny of the amount to those visitors for visit these sites.

How can you work? Register a free account with this list of genuine paying PTC sites. Make a habit to log in daily and view all available ads in their advertisement page.

You will be paid just for watching ads like you are watching advertisements on TV. Come to see what are PTC sites and how to earn?

How much can you make? You will be paid between $0.0001 to $0.01 depending on the length of the advertisement you are watching.

All your payments will be made to your Bank account via the online processor such as PayPal or Payza.

So you need to open an account with those processors to get your payment. Join many sites and work simultaneously to get more income.

This method does not require any investment to start but you can earn money for sure.


5.) Start Blogging:

Finally, in this article, I want to cover a method that pays you right off till you quit. This method requires more patience and consistent work.

Blogging is a big industry where it is having a huge potential to earn money online and you can easily earn Rs 5000 weekly and more every week.

No matter what is your interest are? You can blog about anything.

What is blogging? A great place to share your thoughts, ideas, information’s through a web page in a user readable format.Blog for Money

There are many resources available to create a blog. Read Wikipedia article on a blog.

To create a blog you need to learn programs such as PHP, HTML, CSS or you can use the CMS (content management system) such as WordPress or Blogger.

Do not worry about the topic because there are huge numbers of topics available and the internet gives the opportunity to everyone equally.

If you want to start a blog you need to know about these four things:

✓ Need for blogging
✓ Write valuable contents
✓ Set up your blog
✓ Express your contents and build your blog


Need for blogging: So the prime need for the blog is to Making money blogging and hence it requires you to choose a topic that is hot and trending.

If you want me to advise, then I would let you choose, “earn money online” as a topic because it is still having a heavy number of requests over search engines.

Write valuable contents: So you have chosen your topic now you need contents. Do not worry here too, you are having tools online to give you the topic to write contents.

Use Google Keyword Research Planner, Word stream keyword suggestion tool and mostly use Semrush for better keyword searches.

Frame a sentence with that keyword will give you topic. Research over the internet to write a deep article of about 1500Words or more.

Set up your blog: It is time to set up your blog. It involves choosing a best reliable web hosting and a suitable domain name.

You can get one best domain name and the web hosting here. Get a reliable hosting plan and install WordPress or Blogger because it’s easy to start for newbies.

Express your contents and build your blog: Now start posting your articles on your blog daily. Plan a promotional strategy and execute it to get traffic to your blog.

Once you start receiving traffic then you can start to make money out of it. I am sure that you can really make money blogging if you properly monetize if for people.




So finally I had expressed my thoughts to earn money online. If you understand and follow these strategies then you can easily earn Rs 5000 weekly from online.

If you put your hard work with dedication you can make more than what I recommended in this article.

I will still update more information later while in the meantime if you found something interesting to earn money do share here.

Do you want to say something about this article? (or) do you have any previous experience that you want to share? Please comment below.

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