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Free Website Traffic & Ad Clicks And Youtube Monetization

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Free traffic

Nowdays everyone is looking for free website traffic to increase ranking on Google but they can’t found original organic traffic and falls in automated traffic generating websites. So there is a very new idea of getting generic organic traffic from the social media friends belonging from all over the world.

I created a telegram group where every single member will visit each others website or any monetize short urls.By this little trick everyone will be able to earn money. Members will also clicks on ads that will increase CPC rate and increase someone’s revenue.

Free youtube monetization

There is also a second Telegram group regarding YouTube Monetization.Google changed the monetization policy to 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.If this group achieves 10K members then every member’s YouTube channel can be monetize within a Month. Every member will subscribe to each others YouTube channel that will complete subscriber requirement. They will watch each others video to increase their watch time. This is best and fastest way to monetize your YouTube channel without spending any penny.

Ofcourse their will be few members who won’t visit any members website or view YouTube video. Such type of members will be kicked out from the group and the other members will unsubscribe to his or her YouTube channel.

I hope you guyz found it useful. Join these groups from given link below and share this post so will receive members from every country .

Free Website Traffic

Youtube Monetization


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