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India-Pakistan border on high alert; After India’s strike, Pakistan retaliate

India and Pakistan are at loggerheads following the Pulwama attack which claimed the lives of 40 CRPF jawans. Indians were angered by this attack and the government promised action. At the wee hours on 26th February, India avenged its loss by striking the terrorist camps in the POK area. The IAF successfully destroyed these terror camps killing 300 terrorists.

The following day, Pakistan army targeted some bunkers of the Indian army, but were unsuccessful as the Indian army was alert. The tension between the two countries is now on an all time high. The army and airforce of both countries are ready for any attack or war like situation.

Pakistan claims to have captured one airforce pilot. The External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Mr. Raveesh Kumar while being accompanied by Air Vice Marshal RGK Kapoor, has said that India would look into Pakistan’s claim of capturing an IAF pilot.

During this attack by Pakistan, India shot down one Pakistan Air Force Fighter Aircraft. A Mig 21Bison of the Indian airforce, carried out the attack. The Airforce said they saw an aircraft falling on the Pakistan side. However, India suffered its first casualty when it lost a Mig 21 aircraft. The pilot of this aircraft is missing in action.

Pakistan has claimed to have found two IAF pilots. India is trying to ascertain this fact. Pakistan also claimed to have downed two aircrafts of the Indian airforce as they flew into Pakistan territory. They also claim to have captured two IAF pilots. They said that while one of them is injured and sent to the hospital for treatment the other is fine and in their custody.

In a 46 second video released by the Pakistan army, a blind-folded man claimed to be an IAF wing commander. The Indian army is yet to confirm this news.

Major General Asif Ghafoor, a Pakistani spokesperson, claimed that his army has arrested two IAF pilots.

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