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Learn Carding From Begginers To Pro

Everyone has questions in there my what is carding, how to do carding,is it legal, is it safe etc. Today your questions for carding gets the answer.

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Carding is a money saving and money earning trick. You can shop from any shopping sites for free. Free means you will use another person’s credit card to shop. So, ofcourse it’s a illegal but still people do it safely. In this video you will get the full details about carding,required items for carding,how to do carding,safe methods etc. Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel to get these videos first.

Points I cover:

  1. What is carding?
  2. What are the factors relates to carding?
  3. How it’s done, I mean process?
  4. Precautionary measures Carder should take.

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Nowadays, if we see the credit card fraud trend, it is being increased day by day and new techniques being discovered to hack the credit card info and use it for malicious purpose.
As everything goes cashless, the use of a credit card will be necessary for everyone. This is reason people should be aware of how carding fraud is done and learn how to become not to become a victim.
There are so many ways to get the credit card details available on the internet through Darknet sites as well as on TOR sites (Data Leak .etc.).
My aim is to spread awareness about carding, what is it, how the carder does it, etc.
I have referred many articles, sites and basic documentation which I feel will be useful to share it with you. I want the normal user to be aware of carding methods so they can be alert to it.
As we can see on social media sites and groups, most of the carders provide the offers which are collected from Online Sites and groups for your reference:
Be aware that you should never contact a ripper. A Ripper is a fraud who takes the money and never deliver the product.
Let’s start with the basics.

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