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Mahatma Gandhi Facts (Important Personalities)

Father of our Nation  : Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi


Born on  : 2 October 1869 3. Born at   : Porbander (Sudhamapuri) in Gujarath


Father  : Karam Chand 5. Mother   : Putilibai


Wife : Kasturba


Children’s   : a. Harilal b. Manilal c. Ramdas d. Devadas


House Name  : Keerthi Mandir


Gandhiji’s age when he got married to Kasturba  : 13 years


The year which Gandhiji reached London  : 1888


Other names of Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi  : Gandhiji, mahatma Gandhi, Bapu


October 2 is oberved as  : International Day of Nonviolence and Gandhi Jayanthi


The year which Gandhiji went to South Africa to Practice Law  : 1893


Nattal Indian Congress was founded in  : 1894 (South Africa)


Name of the Weakly started by Gandhiji in South Africa  : Indian Opinion


The place where Gandhiji’s first Satyagraha was experimented  : South Africa (1906) (against the Asiatic Ordinance)

Where did Gandhiji started Tolstoy Farm  : Johannesburg (1910)(South Africa)


Where did Gandhiji started Phoenix Settlement  : Durban (1904) (South Africa)


Name of the Railway Station where Gandhiji was thrown off a train for riding first class : Pietermaritzburg


Gandhiji first imprisonment at  : Johannesburg – 1908 (South Africa)


Gandhiji returned to India on  : 9 January 1915 January 9 – Pravasi Bharathiya Divas


Gandhiji started Satyagraha Asramam in  : Ahmadabad (1915)


Champaran Satyagraha Gandhiji’s first Satyagraha in India

Year =1917


State = Bihar For the right of Indigo workers in Champaran


Ahmadabad Mill Strike Year = 1918


state = Gujarath Gandhiji’s first fast in India

Reason = Demanding the increase of Wages


Kheda Satyagraha Year = 1918 State = Gujarath Against = Land revenue system of Government


Khilafat Movement Year = 1919 Reason = After First World War British remove the khalifa from Power and fragmented Turkey


The main leaders of Khilafat Committee  : Mohammad Ali, Shaukhat Ali, Hakkim Ajmal Khan, Maulana Abdul


Kalam Azad, Hasrat Mohani, Gandhiji supported Khilafat Movement


Gandhiji visited kerala for the first time on  : 18 August 1920 Reason = Get support for Khilafat Movement and Non co-operation movement


Rowlatt Satyagraha Year = 1919 Against = Rowlatt Act


Rowlatt Act  : Government had the power to arrest any person with out any reason


The official name of Rawlatt Act  : Anarchical and Revolutionary Crimes Act Gandhiji decided to start Satyagraha against Rowlatt Act


The first date of National Wide Harthal was Called on  : 30 March 1919


National Wide Harthal postponed to  : 6 April 1919 Gandhiji arrested


Non Co-operation Movement Started in = 1920 Leader = Gandhiji The first mass based Political Movement under the leader ship of Gandhiji


Which Movement was launched along with the Khalifat Movement  : Non Co-operation Movement


The reason for the withdrawal of Non Co-operation Movement


: Chauri Chaura Incident Gorakhpur District (Uttar Pradesh) 5 February 1922


Gandhiji was arrested on  : 18 March 1922




The achievement of the Non Co-operation Movement  : Get some political right


The year which Gandhiji elected as the President of All India Home Rule League  : 1920


Gandhiji become the President of Indian National Congress in  : 1924-Belgam session


Civil Disobedience Movement


Leader = Gandhiji Started = 1930 Aim = The Government to accept the demands of Indian People


Civil Disobedience Movement was started with  : Dandi March


Civil Disobedience Movement is also known as  : Salt Satyagraha and Salt March


The leader of Dandi March  : Gandhiji


Dandi March Started on  : 12 March 1930


Dandi March ended on  : 6 April 1930


Dandi March began from  : Sabarmati to Dandi (Gujarath) No of followers = 78


Who said that Gandhiji’s breaking of salt law as a “Storm in a Tea Cup”  : Lord Irwin


Who said that “Salt suddenly became a mysterious word, a word of power ”  : Nehru


Who said that Gandhiji’s March to Dandi “Like the historic March of Ramachandra to Lanka, The march of Gandhi will be Memorable”  : Motilal Nehru


The Political Guru of Gandhiji  : Gopalakrishnan Gokhale


The Spiritual Guru of Gandhiji  : Leo Tolstoy



The founder of All india Harijan Samaj  : Gandhiji (1932)


Gandhian Era in Indian Independence Struggle  : 1915 to 1948


Who is known as Sage of Sabarmati  : Gandhiji


The founder of All india Harijan Samaj  : Gandhiji (1932)


Name of the place where Satyagraha by Gandhiji to protest against Jallian Walla Bag Massacre  : Mumbai 59.Sevagram Project was started by   : Gandhiji


The place where Sevagram Ashram is situated  : Maharashtra


Wardha Ashram is situated in  : Maharashtra


The idea of Gramaswaraj was first proposed by  : Gandhiji


Private Secretary of Gandhiji  : Mahadeva Desai


The secretary of Gandhiji after Demise of Mahadeva Desai  : Pyarelal


Gandhi on Non- violence is written by  : Thomas Merton


Who is called Gandhiji as Mahatma  : Tagore


Who gave the title Gurudev to Tagore  : Gandhiji


Who gave the title Abhay Sadak to Baba Amta  : Gandhiji


Who called Gandhiji as Father of Nation  : Subash Chandra Boss


Who gave Gandhiji the title of Kesar-r-Hind  : Lord Hardinge


Who called Gandhiji as “A Half Naked Fakir”  : Winston Churchill


“Generations to come, it may scarce to believe that such a one as him ever walked on this earth in flesh and blood” who said this words about Gandhiji  : Albert Einstein


Gandhiji and Nehru met for the first time in  : Lucknow INC Committee


Who become the leader of Salt Satyagraha when Gandhiji was arrested  : Abbas Tayabji


Name of the mythological character impressed Gandhiji in his life  : Harichandra


The year which Gandhiji-Irwin Pact signed in  : 5 March 1931


The Second Round Table Conference was held at  : London


The Second Round Table Conference was Held between  : 7 September and 2 December 1931




Where was Gandhiji’s first satyagraha in India?: It was for the right of Indigo workers in Champaran in 1917 BUDHI




Where was gandhiji’s first fast (Gandhiji’s second satyagraha in India)? : In Ahmadabad


Which causes Gandhiji to abandoned his title Kaiser-I-Hind?


Who started weeklies named Young India and Navjeevan? : Mahatma Gandhi


When did Gandhiji started the weekly Harijan? : 1933


Gandhiji called Subhash Chandra Bose as _________? : Patriot


Who gave the name ‘Gurudev’ to Tagore? : Mahatma Gandhi


Who called Gandhiji as ‘Mahatma’? : Tagore


What was called as ‘Post Dated Cheque’ by Gandhiji ? : Cripps’s Mission (1942)


When did Gandhiji published ‘Hind Swaraj’ ? : In the year 1908


Where was Gandhiji’s third satyagraha in India? : kheda satyagraha


What is the real name of Gandhi’s Autobiography ? : Satya na prayogo


What is the period that referred in Gandhi’s Autobiography ? : 1869 – 1921


When did Autobiography of Gandhiji first published ? : 1927 (in Navajeevan)


In which language Gandhiji wrote his Autobiography ? : Gujarati


Who translated Gandhi’s autobiography into English ? : Mahadev Desai


Who founded Satyagrah Sabha ? : Mahatma Gandhi1919


What is the real name of Mira Behn, the disciple of Gandhiji ? : Madeleine Slade


Who compared Gandhi’s Dandi March to the legendary journey of Sri Rama to Lanka ? : Motilal Nehru


Who is known as Frontier Gandhi ? : Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan


Who is known as Bihar Gandhi ? : Rajendra Prasad


Who is known as Modern Gandhi ? : Baba Amte


Who is known as American Gandhi ? : Martin Luther King


Who is known as South African Gandhi ? : Nelson Mandela


Who wrote the book “The words of Gandhi” ? : Mahatma Gandhi


“The Life Of Mahatma Gandhi” is written by? :Louis Fischer


Books :-the Story of My Experiments with Truth, Hind swaraj or Indian Home Rule.


When was Gandhi ji went to jail (First time) : 1908 at Johannesburg in South Africa


Which weekly news paper was established by Mahatma Gandhi? Indian opinions (1904), Yang Indian and Navjeevan


Where is Memorial to Mahatma Gandhi ji? : Raj Ghat (New Delhi, India)


Gandhi’s first fast in India? : April; 1918 (03 Days) at Ahmedabad


Gandhi’s first Fast of his life?  February 1913 (7 days)


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