Types of economy and sector

Meaning ,Types of Sector And Economy

Economics : It is the social science that analyzes the production,distribution and consumption of goods and services.lt is subdivided in to Microeconomic- which examines the behaviour of firms,consumers and the role of government and Macroeconomics which deals with infation,unemployment,industrial production and the role of the government.

Types of Economy

Socialistic Economy: It is characterized by existence of public enterprise or state ownership of capital in all the important spheres of economic activity. Capitalistic economy: It is characterized by existence of private enterprise and ownership of all important sectors of production.

Mixed economy:  In a mixed economy,the government will provide essential goods and services which the market fails to produce well. In this system, public and private sectors co—exist. India’s economy is a mixed economy.

Sectors of Economy:

Primary Sector: The primary sector of the economy makes direct use of national resources. This includes agriculture, roaster and fishing, mining , extraction of oil and gas. Primary sectors of Indian economy is agriculture and the related sectors.

Secondary Sector: This sector generally takes the output of the primary sectors and manufactures finished goods. All industrial production where physical goods are produced come under the secondary sectors.

Tertiary Sector: It involves providing intangible goods like services . Financial services, management, consultancy, and IT are good examples of service sectors.

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