INC Sessions

INC Pre Independence Sessions

All sessions held by Indian National Congress (INC) before independence . The details are given below with name of president, location ,year and importance of the session.


  1. 1885-Bombay-W C Bannerjee-1st session attended by 72 delegates
  2. 1886-Calcutta-Dadabhai Naoroji-National Congress and National Conference
  3. 1887-Madras-Syed Badruddin Tyabji-Appeal made to Muslims to join hands with other national leaders
  4. 1888-Allahabad-George Yule-First English president
  5. 1889-Bombay-Sir William Wedderburn–
  6. 1890-Calcutta-Feroz Shah Mehta–
  7. 1891-Nagpur-P. Ananda Charlu–
  8. 1892-Allahabad-W C Bonnerjee–
  9. 1893-Lahore-Dadabhai Naoroji–
  10. 1894-Madras-Alfred Webb–
  11. 1895-Poona-Surendranath Banerjee–
  12. 1896-Calcutta-Rahimtullah M. Sayani-National song ‘Vande Mataram’ sung for the first time
  13. 1897-Amravati-C. Sankaran Nair–
  14. 1898-Madras-Ananda Mohan Bose–
  15. 1899-Lucknow-Romesh Chandra Dutt–
  16. 1900-Lahore-N G Chandavarkar–
  17. 1901-Calcutta-Dinshaw E. Wacha–
  18. 1902-Ahmedabad-Surendranath Banerjee–
  19. 1903-Madras-Lal Mohan Ghosh–
  20. 1904-Bombay-Sir Henry Cotton–
  21. 1905-Benares-Gopal Krishna Gokhale-Expressed resentment against the partition of Bengal
  22. 1906-Calcutta-Dadabhai Naoroji–
  23. 1907-Surat-Rash Behari Ghosh-Party splits into extremists and moderates
  24. 1908-Madras-Rash Behari Ghosh-Previous session continued1909LahoreMadan Mohan MalaviyaIndian Councils Act,
  25. 1909/1910-Allahabad-Sir William Wedderburn–
  26. 1911-Calcutta-Bishan Narayan Dar-‘Jana Gana Mana’ sung for the first time
  27. 1912-Bankipore (Patna)-Raghunath Narasinha Mudholkar–
  28. 1913-Karachi-Syed Mohammed Bahadur–
  29. 1914-Madras-Bhupendra Nath Basu–
  30. 1915-Bombay-Satyendra Prasanna Sinha–
  31. 1916-Lucknow-Ambica Charan Mazumdar-Lucknow Pact – joint session with the Muslim League
  32. 1917-Calcutta-Annie Besant-First woman president of the INC
  33. 1918-Bombay And Delhi-Syed Hasan Imam (bombay) And Madan Mohan Malaviya (delhi)-Two sessions were held. First in Bombay in August/September Second in Delhi in December
  34. 1919-Amritsar-Motilal Nehru–
  35. 1920-Nagpur-C Vijayaraghavachariar–
  36. 1921-Ahmedabad-Hakim Ajmal Khan (acting President For C R Das)–
  37. 1922-Gaya-C R Das–
  38. 1923-Kakinada-Maulana Mohammad Ali,–
  39. 1924-Belgaum-M K Gandhi–
  40. 1925-Kanpur-Sarojini Naidu-First Indian woman president
  41. 1926-Guwahati-S Srinivasa Iyengar–
  42. 1927-Madras-M A Ansari–
  43. 1928-Calcutta-Motilal Nehru-All India Youth Congress formed
  44. 1929-Lahore-Jawaharlal Nehru-Resolution for ‘Poorna Swaraj.’ Civil Disobedience movement for complete independence to be launched, 26 January to be observed as ‘Independence Day’.
  45. 1931-Karachi-Vallabhbhai Patel-Resolution on fundamental rights and national economic progress. Gandhi-Irwin pact endorsed. Gandhi nominated to represent INC in the second round table conference
  46. 1932-Delhi-Amrit Ranchhorddas Seth–
  47. 1933-Calcutta-Malaviya Was Elected But Mrs Nellie Sengupta Presided–
  48. 1934-Bombay-Rajendra Prasad–
  49. 1936-Lucknow-Jawaharlal Nehru–
  50. 1937-Faizpur-Jawaharlal Nehru-First session to be held in a village
  51. 1938-Haripura-Subhas Chandra Bose-National planning committee set up under Nehru
  52. 1939-Tripuri-Subhas Chandra Bose-Bose was elected but had to resign since Gandhi supported Pattabhi Sitaramayya. Instead Rajendra Prasad was appointed
  53. 1940-Ramgarh-Abul Kalam Azad–
  54. 1946-Meerut-Acharya Kripalani-Last session before independence
  55. 1948-Jaipur-Pattabhi Sitaramayya-First session after independence

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