Now, in order to upgrade your spotify account, you will need a spotify family owner account.
You can crack these yourself or you can find them here Once you have your account, go ahead and login to it.

1f307d2b3d2708e3060b801ad18b37dc.pngTake note of the country.

Now, go here:
[Image: 258xes3.png]

Scroll down a bit till you see this: (Once you see it, click it.)

433772293d78495f4d95b65dbd3417ba.pngClick “I Agree”
Now fill in the details.

Now it would have redirected you back to /family/overview
Scroll down and if you see this, you have successfully invited yourself to a family plan!

64ecc57aaeff7ed8ef7c0bcadb8e5868.pngNow go to the email that you invited with and you’ll see an email from no-reply@spotify.com

6cb1d38899e6d84c8b77ccf4fb6e0521.pngClick the link that they have given you. (In the image, it is in green text.)
Now, sign up. Use the email that you invited. Note: Remember the country thing? Make sure you use a vpn that’s IP country. This will allow you to accept the invite.

a728883c9fe81427dda601f061efe8dc.pngFill in the details but note that the address and zip code and city should be real. Just google “Random Address in {country}”
Now do the I’m Not A Robot challenge and click that big green button:

e2e42a2266da715da694cd51a1b7bf17.pngNow if you signed up with the VPN like I told you to and completed all the steps, you would now have a premium spotify account!

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